Artisanal roasting to maximize the unique flavor of every coffee, sourced from specialty importers who focus on quality, relationships and sustainability.
Coffee roasting is the process of chemical changes in the seed for the purpose of optimizing the aromatic compounds and oils that create the delicious coffee smells and beautiful taste profiles in the cup.
My goal as a roaster is to highlight the natural and complex tastes in each coffee I source. I want all the hard work put in at the farm, cooperatives and washing stations to not be lost in the roasting process. Each coffee is unique because of where it is grown, the picking and processing after the harvest. What the producer does with a coffee seed greatly affects the quality and taste. 
All these things are taken into account as the coffee seeds drop into the drum of my roaster. And I get excited to share with our customers each new coffee that makes its way into our shop!

Interested in wholesale?

We take pride in partnering with companies, families and individuals who share a passion for quality, sustainability and cultivating a long term business relationship. If you are interested in a wholesale partnership please email us with information about who you are and what you are looking for. We will connect with you as soon as possible. 
We create custom wholesale accounts, meaning there are no order minimums and we can adjust contracts to best fit what you need and to help your business be successful!
Thank you!
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