Sumatra- Boru Batak


Region: Lintong 
Altitude: 1000 to 1800 meters 
Cultivar: Ateng, Jember, Garundang 
Screen Size: 18 plus

From the region of Lintong in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba comes our Boru Batak. This is a wet hulled, completely sun-dried and triple-picked Supergrade type coffee.

Body is thick and syrupy with sweet dried tobacco, cedar and leather.  

The importer who brought us this coffee works diligently to provide workers with quality benefits and pay while caring for the land and countries they source from. We are honored to offer this limited offering through the fall and holiday season!


***all coffee is roasted to order. Coffee will be roasted and shipped within two business days of order***


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