• Lacey Nguyen

Quality over Quantity

Guys the weather here in Lexington is finally feeling like winter! There have even been some snowflakes. Personally, I am a fan of each season and enjoy living where we get all four. Though sometimes the cold does make me feel lazy which makes pushing forward with daily goals and life a tad harder. So even though today is a curl up with a tasty single origin and a good book kind of day...I’m going to get this second post out in our new series. Time to talk a bit about quality over quantity and how we can keep that philosophy even with financial goals for 2020.

Cutting back or setting new goals for saving money is another common new year resolution, one that I think is very wise. Challenging ourselves to cut back does more than just put extra cash in your saving accounts. It prevents instant gratification which teaches us patience and forces us to focus on other beautiful aspects of life. It also forces hard work by having to earn the rights to special items and treats. We have to think a bit harder about the where and the why. Where are we putting our hard earned money and why are we doing it. Some things are a no-brainer like bills, groceries, or donations. But all the little extras can be a bit harder. Where are we spending for pleasure and why, and then which of those things can we cut back on to save. Here is where I want to give some ideas, and promote a change of mindset, so you can save yet also support the businesses you love.

First though, you have to crunch some numbers. I have done this with monthly coffee expenses.

Costs for a daily visit to the coffee shop~ (this does not include tax or extra flavor/milk substitute costs)

1 regular latte per day: $4.10/day $123/month


1 drip coffee per day: $2/day $60/month

This is probably the simplest change we can make. It means still frequenting our local coffee or lunch spot but getting creative with the order. Trying something new or switching it up. Changing from a latte to black coffee is a total of $63 saved a month! Obviously these numbers are different based on how often you frequent a shop but still great saving opportunity.

Now costs for brewing coffee at home~ (I am using prices based on our most expensive and least expensive retail bags...also these numbers would be adjusted slightly based on the brewer you use)

$12 bag of Cherry Seed coffee:

-approx. 12 mugs with Clever dripper ~ $1/mug $30/month with 1 mug a day

-half pot in auto drip coffee maker~ about 3 mugs a day~ $0.80/mug $2.40/day with 3 mugs making it $72/month for 90 mugs of coffee

$20 bag of Cherry Seed coffee:

-approx. 12 mugs with Clever dripper~ $1.62/mug $48.60/month

-half pot in auto drip coffee maker~ about 3 mugs a day~ $1.33/mug $3.99/day with 3 mugs making it $117/month for 90 mugs of coffee

So looking at these numbers there are quite a few ways to cut back. You can skip on buying coffee out and save a minimum of $30 a month or mix up your routine to get the savings you need/want. This really just involves a change of mindset. Focus on the quality that matters. Is that getting the single origin special lot coffee in your cup every day or is it the coffee house experience? Once you know the answer cut back on the quantity in order to save. Again this can be done in a variety of ways so you can still get the quality that matters. There was a time I stopped drinking coffee and only ordered earl grey tea. This way I could still go to my favorite shop because the service and experience were what mattered the most to me.

Now take this concept and put it towards the other little things of life you enjoy. What are the small businesses you want to keep supporting financially? Crunch some numbers, get creative and try something new. With a quality over quantity mindset you can support the bad ass bosses out there you admire, cut back on how much you spend, and enjoy some things or activities you love!

~Again in an effort to promote small and local businesses I am tagging some more that we love! :)

http://acupofcommonwealth.com/ A Cup of Common Wealth ~ coffee shop downtown Lexington

https://treehousegoods.com/ Treehouse Goods ~ local to Lexington skin and hair care business

http://www.lovencookies.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Loven Cookies~ Amazingly tasty cookies!

https://www.lexingtonfarmersmarket.com/ Lexington Farmers Market~ Where you can get some grocery shopping in from a whole variety of KY small businesses

https://southernprepky.com/ Southern Prep ~ Cute and classy clothing company based in KY and owned by a rocking boss babe.

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