With a passion for ethical and sustainable green coffee sourcing, Lacey heads up wholesale operations, coffee roasting and profile development.

Owner/Coffee Roaster 



Years of experience, research and training has made Luke a skilled barista, shop operator and brew master. He manages and works the coffee house plus operates our sister company Radicati Espresso for machine maintenance and repair. 

Owner/Cafe Operator


Interested in joining our barista team? Send us a resume: OR drop one by the shop! We look forward to meeting you!

We are two families working together with the same mission~ to Cultivate and Explore!

We are baristas diligently mastering the skills behind the bar while bringing joy to our customers on a daily basis

To create excellent coffee roasted to order and brewed with skill takes a whole team of individuals. The faces that greet you at our shop and make you drinks. The roaster who takes the green seed and turns it into an aromatic coffee bean. The importers who work at creating relationships, cultivating the ones made and bringing that coffee to the USA. And then the farmers and producers who take pride in their product and work to sustain their farm, family and community.

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