CHERRY SEED\'cher-e'sed\ noun: one of two seeds nestled against each other inside the bright, red, cherry fruit of the coffee bush. Commonly known as coffee bean.

Here at Cherry Seed we thoughtfully select each coffee and roast the coffee to its best flavor potential. We do our best to ensure that our farmers and their families get the money they deserve. Buying coffee with us is a step closer to finding sustainability.  

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We LOVE partnering with other companies. Connect with us today and discuss how we can best serve your coffee needs. We offer complimentary samples, barista training, brew recipes, tips and more.
learn more about our roastery and email our master roaster with any and all questions.

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make"

~Jane Goodall

It is not just about delicious coffee. We choose to use our job to impact the lives of others.

This means making our coffee house a positive and encouraging place to work. This means cultivating relationships with local businesses and the farmers/importers who help us get the delicious and specialty grade coffee roasted and served in our shop.

Each year we give $1.00 from every bag sold to a cause or group that we believe in. Last year, 2018, that money went to the Honduras cooperative Flor de Cafe of which we purchase from. They are building a roof for a drying bed where the cherry seeds are processed after harvest. The actual building has just started so we will soon have photo updates to share with you! Follow our blog and social media (instagram/facebook) to receive the updates.
If you would like to support this cooperative order a bag online and let us know what you think! 
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